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Freelancer CG Artist UK and France

JO CG Artist

Freelancer CG Artist UK and France

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About Me

Hi every one, welcome to my Portofolio, My name is Jolberto Quini-Piragibe aka JO CG Artist Freelance, in London UK and Paris France, Here you will find some of my Works as a 3D generalist/Lighting TD, and Compositing.
Thank you for your attention and enjoy.

Here are some Films I've been working on:
"Soulman" by Black Ligth Movies ,"Bienvenue à Bord" and "I Love Perigord" and “Carnage” by Roman Polanski at Def2Shoot.

If you have any questions please contact me in

If you want to see my Showreel
Thank you!

Salut et Bienvenue à tous! et merci de votre visite et votre attention!

SOUL MAN™ New project from
Guillaume Ivernel's
(Dragon Hunters).

Work: Set modelling and lighting/render precompositing.

A 1' FullCG Teaser

"Bienvenue à Bord" comedy with Franck du Bosc,
"I love Périgord"and “Carnage” by Roman Polanski.

Bienvenue à Bord…
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